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Athens Urban Adventures allows you to explore this well-known city through hands-on experiental Athens sightseeing tours. Athens is known all around the world, from history classes to TV Documentaries. But our passion and real life approach will give you a different discovery of it with our Athens tours.

The name of the Greek Capital comes from the Goddess “Athina” who had qualities of wisdom and peace. The city has a rich history dating back from Paleolithic times, Acropolis and the Greek classic period, the Roman times, the Byzantine era, the Ottoman occupation and finally modern times. On our Athens tours you will be able to observe a multitude of historical cultures and architecture like the Parthenon, Roman temples, old and new Christian churches, Turkish old hamams, 18th and 19th century traditional houses like in Plaka, or more traditional areas like Monastiraki and Thession. During your tour of Athens you will notices squares that had been renovated and surrounded by Necolassical buildings made by architects fond of Greece and its past, who wanted to revive mythology and historical facts.

We will show you this past during your tour of Athens, the survival of the Athenian citizen and the respect of keeping ancient monuments without imposing technologies, but using it. Some places in the center of Athens are an Oasis, away from busy and noisy traffic jams.

During your tour of Athens wonder in Plaka or Thission into another time. Walk through churches and ruins, and obtain some souvenirs in shops with traditional and local products like leather sandals or bags, statues, agricultural products like olives, and find musical instruments like the bouzouki.

All these discoverings can be done with 1 or 2 tours of Athens with special itineraries enriching your time and knowledge in an original and happy walk.

Walking Athens tour in Athens Walking Athens
from 1 review
From EUR 40.00

Greece is the type of place where you can see ancient ruins while on the Metro - no biggie! Join this Athens tour to do this as well as sip ouzo, admire old and new architecture, and see a traditional Greek changing of the guard ceremony.


Markets, Ruins & Ancient Athens tour in Athens Markets, Ruins & Ancient Athens
from 3 reviews
From EUR 40.00

Athens makes travelling easy; the streets are filled with cultural, historic, and culinary icons. The problem is knowing which streets. Join this Athens tour to enjoy the benefits of having a local guide who will show you fresh produce, retail hot spots, ruins, temples, markets, and mosques.


Tastes of Athens Taste of Athens
from 2 reviews
From EUR 46.00

See the 'big five' of Greek cuisine in their natural habitat: ouzo, feta, olives, olive oil, and koulouri! If you don't know what koulouri is you soon will as this Athens tour explains it all live as you eat it (but not before you Instagram it).


Athens Festivals and Epidaure
Place: Athens & Epidaure - [ 01/06/2015 - 31/08/2015 ]

Athens is known for its culture in the world, being said to be the bases of Western civilization and is host to many theatrical plays.

Traditional Greek dances
Place: Athens - [ 25/05/2015 - 19/09/2015 ]

Greeks are very proud of their dances. They have so many type of dances all over Greece that are exhibited during this show held from May to September.

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Mrs. Tunde F.

23 Aug 2014
Hi, I would like to write a review about the experience we had with Urban Adventures and the tour guide we had, who was very knowledgeable, friendly, however embarrassingly we forgot his name...Are you able to find out which guide we had..? He is about 40,Greek,he is a building engineer,we met on the 19th of August in Athens.. Kind Regards Tunde Fustos, Daniel Sherrington
Ms. Sandy K.
New Zealand
20 Oct 2013
This tour well exceeded my expectations and was a fantastic way to "feel" some of the Greek culture and way of life while sampling some awesome food.
Ms. Sandy K.
New Zealand
20 Oct 2013
The opportunity this tour provided to walk, explore and become orintated to the city of Athens was awesome. In such a short few hours I gained a huge amount of knowledge and felt like I knew my way around. It became the backbone that enabled me to have several wonderful days exploring and enjoying the city of Athens. Thank you Nikita for a couple of really wonderful tours, I very much look forward to visiting again
Ms. Stacey M.
03 Sep 2013
Nikita (I think that was his name), the Athens Urban Adventures guide, was FANTASTIC. So warm, friendly, and knowledgeable. I enjoyed the tour immensely. Please pass on my compliments!
Mrs. Joan M.
03 May 2013
We did two Athens Urban Adventures with Nikita. The Taste of Athens provided a wonderful insight into Greek food and culture, and we really enjoyed meeting with the local store keepers and sampling some of the local produce. A particular highlight was enjoying a meal at the basement old-style Athens restaurant. The following day we did the Walking Athens tour. This covered the historical areas and other areas of interest, and provided excellent background information. Thanks very much to Nikita for such great experiences. We have done Urban Adventures in several cities around the world, and they have always provided wonderful experiences and information. We will continue to seek them out.

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Athens Urban Adventure team is more than glad to offer to its travelers their best ideas and living experience in Athens city. We have been in this city for more than 35 years with a team of different persons and generations giving a better aspect for interesting visits in the capital of Greece.


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